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created by MattiBorchers for Minecraft Forge (Version 1.12.2)

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What Minecraft 1.14 should have looked like! This Modpack focuses around the "TekTopia" Mod by Tango Tek. This Mod features better villagers with actual jobs and not only cosmetic aspects. You become the mayor of your own village, which can grow into a flourishing city. In Addition, there are some additional mods like "Tough as Nails" and "Serene Seasons" and the "Weather, Storms, Tornadoes" Mod for more variation in the world. And of course there is a ingame minimap, "Hwyla", "Just enought Items" and a starter kit to make the life in Minecraft a little bit easiert.

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Wie Minecraft 1.14 hätte aussehen sollen! Dieses Modpack konzentriert sich auf den "TekTopia" Mod von Tango Tek. Dieser Mod zeigt bessere Dorfbewohner mit echten Jobs und nicht nur kosmetischen Aspekten. Sie werden zum Bürgermeister Ihres eigenen Dorfes, das zu einer florierenden Stadt heranwachsen kann. Darüber hinaus gibt es einige zusätzliche Mods wie "Tough as Nails" und "Serene Seasons" und den "Weather, Storms, Tornadoes" Mod für mehr Variationen in der Welt. Und natürlich gibt es eine Ingame-Minimap, "Hwyla", "Just Enought Items" und ein Starter Paket, um das Leben in Minecraft ein wenig zu erleichtern.




  • No hacking / abusing the game / mods that gives you an advantage!
  • At least 16 years old
  • An original Copy of Minecraft and the Technic Launcher (Download here - you don't need another account, just your Minecraft login)
  • No bullying, threatening or harassment of other users. No swearing, bad signs or discrimination to other users
  • No disfigurement of the landscape. No pixel-art, No holes, no flying objects. Keep it classy!
  • PvE, MobGriefing disabled
  • Last but not least: Respect others, be polite and have fun!


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